Posted on Oct 20, 2018

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How to Get your Roof Ready for Winter

From checking out your tiles to maintaining your guttering, we look at how to make sure your home is weather-ready for winter.

Dealing with a leak is a nightmare situation for any homeowner.

And with winter weather just around the corner, the likelihood of your property suffering a rupture in the roof is all the more likely. Especially if you don’t properly prepare for the storms to come.

Before the wind, rain, hail and snow arrives on our doorsteps, there are a few simple checks and tasks you can perform to ensure your roof is winter-ready. Check out our simple roof maintenance advice below.

Clear your guttering and drainpipes
As autumn leaves start to shed, it’s time to spend some time, care and attention on your roof guttering and drainpipes.

Guttering is an important – yet often neglected – part of your roof. Although all roof materials are designed to withstand a certain amount of rain, if your guttering gets blocked or backed-up with debris, leaves and dirt, you might quickly find issues with leaks. This is because water is not being efficiently diverted away from the roof during heavy rainfall, causing sections to be weakened or saturated.

Once the trees are bare, clean out any trapped mulch and attend to holes or leaks in the drainpipes. If you have a head for heights you can can do this yourself, but it might be an idea to employee a tradesman to do it for you – it’s a messy job!

Check for any leaks or weak spots
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